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The most important skincare mistakes we make

Why do we need to avoid skincare mistakes as much as we possibly can? Well mostly because we use a routine daily and so a mistake we make is not just once but it is repeated daily sometimes twice a day. So it is very important to avoid skincare mistakes as much as we can!


Imagine the skin as a brick wall. “Bricks” are the layer that consists of the old, dead cells and the “joint” that connects them to each other are the lipids. Lipids have three basic functions: to hold moisture inside the skin, to prevent leakage of moisturizing ingredients and to protect against dirt and allergens that can irritate the skin. So the more and more healthy lipids exist in the epidermal barrier, the more durable, shiny, supple and soft our skin is.

The epidermal barrier protects the skin from irritation and seals the moisture and nutrients. When its consistency is at risk, the environmental stimuli enter the skin, causing it to react with redness, dryness and itching. However, as we grow, the cohesion of the epidermal barrier weakens and many women over 40 see that their skin becomes drier.

How is the epidermal barrier destroyed

According to the same survey, three out of four dermatologists say that their clients often cause damage to their skin, thinking they care for it. “Hard” cleansers, excessive exfoliating, hot water and air can cause damage to the skin. However, the most harmful of all seems to be the cleanser, that is, one that contains many chemical agents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate in order to make rich foam. So cleansing with the wrong composition cleanser is the top mistake we make, which hides the biggest dangers to the health and appearance of our skin.

The other skincare mistakes we make

1. We do not use sunscreen products
This is one of the most common skincare mistakes we all make. We all know sunscreen is necessary both during winter and summer, but few adhere to this rule. Perhaps because most of us think we have durable skin. But it is not so. The damage caused by solar radiation is not directly visible but accumulates over time. So we can see the effects of our neglect, such as discoloration and premature wrinkles, after some years. As careful and diligent as our beauty regimen may be, it is imperative to add sunscreen in the final stages. And if we do not like to use sunscreen on our face in the morning, we can choose a BB cream that provides light coverage and hydration and protection.

2. We do not hydrate at all or moisturize with the wrong product on the skin
Even if our skin is greasy, we need a daily composition that will give the right amount of moisture and will keep our face healthy and radiant. If we still use moisturizing but do not have the ideal look or – worse – we notice some reactions, then we change the composition. Caviar extract is one of the best ingredients that helps in retaining the moisture of the skin and can be found in face creams and eye creams that also offer anti-aging properties.

3. Do regular exfoliation that does not run down our skin
Exfoliating with a scrap that has grains should not be done more than three or four times a week, however durable our skin is. If dry, then once a week is enough. If it’s sensitive, better to avoid it completely. In fact, in the United Kingdom, exfoliating products with synthetic materials have been banned, which are not biodegradable, because they do harm to the environment and injure the surface of the skin. Also, during the summer months, we avoid exfoliating with acids, because it can cause discolouration.

4. Our care is incomplete
Beautiful skin to be kept beautiful needs more than a cleanser and a moisturizer, especially as we grow older, requirements are more and more, thus one of the most common skincare mistakes is to have an incomplete beauty regimen. According to experts, there is no standard care procedure. It can vary from 10 steps to four steps, depending on our mood or needs. However, double cleansing proves to be a great benefit in grooming, especially if we put make-up every day. As well as a good serum, which enhances hydration, an eye cream, a face cream for special nourishment and of course the sunscreen.

5. We forget our body
A recent survey revealed that experts are concerned about how women treat their skin. 78% of dermatologists believe that they focus only on facial care and neglect the rest of their body, causing damage to the skin barrier without even realizing it. In other cases, experts notice that frequent showers (two or more) during the day alter the microbe cultures of the skin, that is, all the good microorganisms that live on the skin and contribute to skin health as they attack the tiny invaders from the environment.

6. Lack of respect for our characteristics
With the explosion of social media, specific patterns of beauty have emerged and the differences we have with them are translated as imperfections. Thus, we do not show the natural beauty of our skin, camouflaging it with high coverage makeup to cover e.g our freckles, or large quantities of powder to make corners, to reduce our nose, etc. You should embrace who you are and love yourself and only then your skin will glow!